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Custom Designs

Here are a few examples of one off intruments I have made.

I can make a resonator mandolin or ukulele to your design for as little as 800GBP. Feel free to email me with your ideas. ( Click on the photographs to enlarge.)

All of these designs can be made as a mandolin, mandola etc or any size ukulele.

Cutaway Resonator Mandolin This cutaway mandolin is constructed of the same materials as the standard resonator mandolin. I have also made mandolins with other shaped horns. Can also be made as a ukulele.
Cutaway Ukulele A cutaway ukulele. The sharp horn shape diferent than the above rounded horn. Can also be made as a mandolin
Wooden Bodied Resonator Mandolin This mandolin was designed by me and is made from strips of mahogany (no longer available) and oak. The neck goes through the body and is fitted with a bug style pick-up and an end pin jack. The mandolin player that bought this also had me make an octave mandolin in the same style.
Octave Mandolin This ocatave mandolin is made from layers of mahogany and oak. The neck goes through the body and is fitted with a bug style pick-up, tone and volume controls and an end pin jack. More detail
Maple neck Ukulele This Soprano Ukulele is the same as my standard ukulele but with a maple neck.
Bubinga f style This f-style mandola is made from the exotic african hardwood Bubinga . It is constructed using the same method as the oak and mahogany mandolin above. 1000 GBP
Deluxe Soprano Ukulele This a deluxe version of the soprano ukulele. It has an ebony veneered headstock and pearoid binding on around the head and fretboard. 800 GBP
The first stained/dyed came about because a customer in California asked for a green ukulele shown here. It has a matte finish.
I was inspired by the green stained uke. I got a selection of colours and this was the result. PU lacquered and polished. I used a blue stain that, with the colour of the wood resulted in a beautiful turquoise colour. 
A concert ukulele double cutaway stained with true pink.
Can also be made as a mandolin.

My take on a Gold Top. Gold stain and cream binding. This one is a mandolin but can be made as any size ukulele.